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About the Founder/Managing Trustee

// Sangamithra Amudha

Sangamithra Amudha is a practitioner of Kriya Meditation since 2001. Sangamithra has conceived and developed these kriyas with the help of her gurus. In fact, each of these kriya practices have been researched, tested and refined by her. Apart from teaching kriyas that help to live a stress-free life, she also teaches Kriyas for spiritual enlightenment.

Sangamithra Amudha has successfully conceived and practiced kriya meditation and introspection. It is a unique approach with innovative integration of psychology and activity with introspective techniques. It is a psychological treatment for people in need of gaining holistic mental health. She is a seasoned counselor/therapist with over 15 years of experience. Her uniqueness and efficacy in counseling is in identifying and restructuring the basic cognitive influences that go on to form mental representations. She has always relied upon being kind, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental in her outlook as well as in her counseling practice.

Sangamithra's work has found good use in gaining mental health in a wide ranging situations involving children, students, working people, couples, senior citizens, substance-abuse therapy groups, sex workers, prison inmates, people with health concerns including those with Cancer and HIV positive and those afflicted by adversities. Based on therapeutic mental approach, its applicability is almost universal.

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