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Sangamithra Amudha's books have been published in English and Tamil in both fiction and non fiction. A common thread throughout her writings is good mental health and the encompasses the message of love and compassion to oneself. She has an insightful way of looking into the ancient scriptures and religion and to show the essential unity of all religions in one of her books.

The Search That Seeks You
Ennai Naan Thedukiren

The audio CDs aids in personal growth and development and to overcome obstacles. It is also helpful to calm your mind and for a quick energy boost. Your mind has a strong effect on your body and the way you feel. The audio therapies can help in your overall wellbeing.

There are 2 series of CDs such as "Reconnect" and "Connect to Consciousness" for mental well being.


It is for coping up skills to deal with the stress in our personal lives

Connect to Consciousness:

It a great way to relieve you of environmental stress. It aids you to stay focused and be motivated. It encourages your mind to be alert and eager to meet the challenges throughout the day.


Artwork either in the form of holiday cards or art pieces can be purchased from us. We supply Holiday cards to corporations and individuals. These artworks are done by people from marginalized society and children.

All proceedings from the sale of the artwork / cards go towards the welfare programs respectively.

Holiday cards / Artwork
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