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We have developed innovative techniques based on psychological schemas of the individuals. There is a general misconception about psychology that people are either with mental disorders or with good mental health who don't need any counseling help. We believe that even people with good mental health may require support to stabilize or improve their psychological dimensions for better living.

Sangamithra Amudha is a seasoned counselor/therapist with over 15 years of experience. Her uniqueness and efficacy in counseling is supported by her "Schema-concept" where due recognition is given to basic cognitive influences that go on to form mental representations in a persons life. She has integrated psychology with introspective techniques as a psychological treatment for people in need of gaining holistic mental health.


It is based on using any or all of the 3 constructs of the Schema concept such as Basic Positive Schemas, Personal Positive Schemas and Positive Diversions to form directives which deal with the issue of transformation or rejuvenation. When a directive gets to be exercised naturally, it can then be termed as a "schema".

Basic Positive Schemas
Personal Positive Schemas
Positive Diversions

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