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// A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

I am delighted to read the book "Ennai Naan Thedukiren" written by Amudha, at one stretch. The flow is so captivating. I couldn't leave the book before I completed it at 1:30 am in the early morning. Love, culture, affection, nation, happiness, sorrow, life, death, action, result - all these phases of life have been beautifully articulated by the author. The innovation is - Amudha has intertwined the whole philosophy in such a way that it makes it appear that the entire phenomena portrayed in the book are true.

// Wellness Reads, The Hindu

The Search that Seeks you; Sangamithra Amudha, Random House, Rs. 299

The Search that seeks you is a book that concentrates on the powers within,; on the power of meditation as a tool for achieving balance and happiness in life,. "It is not possible to seek or feel God. Yet, you claim that God exists...I feel deceived by it." So asks 'Karma', the protagonist of this award-winning book by Sangamithra Amudha, founder and trustee of Sanmarga Foundations. Told in story form, the book addresses various life situations death, sorrow, happiness, change, and fear of the unknown and provides a thoughtful approach to dealing with them. Along the way, it imparts valuable life lessons that will lead you to self-discovery, enlightenment, and ultimately eternal happiness. A finalist in the 'Best New Spirituality Book' category at the International Book Awards, 2012, this books includes a foreword by Dr A PJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India

// Where Meditation is power

Ganapati Ramakrishnan, Indian Express

Sangamithra Amudha's book, "The Search… that Seeks you", deals with the power and effects of meditation.

Sangamithra Amudha's english version of her tamil book " Ennai Naan Thedukiren" was launched by industrialist N. Mahalingam recently. The first copy of the same was received by DGP (Fire and Rescue) R. Nataraj. Amudha, in association with the Sanmarga Foundation, has been in the field of counseling and Kriya meditation for a number of years now.

"Counselling and meditation are still new fields in India and we cannot expect dramatic results immediately, because a lot still needs to be explored", she says. Her book conveys the message of meditation through the protagonist Karma, who faces various situations in life in a calm and meditative manner. "A major positive outcome of meditation is self control, which enables cool thinking and one does not react thoughtlessly. It's a win-win situation for one always," says Amudha.

Nataraj mentioned that Amudha's methods of teaching meditation has inculcated interest in learning and practicing of meditation among prisoners, as he observed as DGP (Prisons).

Amudha's clientele ranges from a large cross-section of the population. she says, "certain psychological attitudes are important in an individual, for instance, the art of nourishing and cherishing oneself. These attitudes create not just a positive mindset but also a good presence of mind which comes over a period of time. The mind is a very complex phenomenon in itself; it cannot be tamed easily. It is indeed an effective tool, indeed more effective in the case of youngsters".

The message conveyed through her book, in the form of a story, makes it easier for the reader to understand and appreciate the essence of meditation. In his message former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says that he finished the book at 1:00 am.

According to Amudha, meditation must be accepted voluntarily. "Meditation is a process of inner search. It requires quietude but the society today is so restless", she says.

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