COUNSELING Schema Counseling Sessions
Schema Counseling Sessions

Schema counseling is based on using any or all of the 3 constructs of the Schema concept such as Basic Positive Schemas, Personal Positive Schemas and Positive Diversions to form directives which deal with the issue of transformation or rejuvenation. When a directive gets to be exercised naturally, it can then be termed as a "schema".

In our conselling sessions, we also emphasize on adapting and conditioning the mind through cherishing techniques. These help in conditioning the mind to achieve the individuals desired goal.

// Basic Positive Schemas

Meditative and introspective techniques are used here to focus on gaining solidity in functioning and avoiding problems in general living, while simultaneously using values for restructuring negative schemas into positive schemas. Our focus on values is based on the cause-and-effect theory and general legalities, and is presented as directives to be introspected, imbibed and applied even in adversities. The directives of "Basic Positive Schemas" are helpful in adapting to responsibilities, discarding unproductive inputs, functioning efficiently and for inculcating a sense of wholesome living while pursuing legitimate interests. They are:

// Personal Positive Schemas

In addition to "Basic Positive Schemas", it is quite natural that most of us are in need of some specific directives to remove schemas which stifle our well-being or which may even lead us to function in unethical ways. Almost everyone has some schema or the other that keeps interrupting their happiness. Here, counseling sessions on a one-to-one basis provide insight, analysis of directives and changes in directives concerning specific problems (that is, essentially restructuring schemas concerning issues at a personal level).

People from varied backgrounds such as students, working people, those with relationship problems, those with emotional problems, those with health problems (including cancer and HIV positive), prisoners, sex-workers, alcoholics and those under substance abuse too have found it useful.

Intervention of unclear schemas can even lead to mental disorders of the mind, and those suffering from them are in need of adjunctive therapy involving the restructuring of schemas along with psychiatric treatment, for recovery without relapse. So, we do conduct counseling and supportive therapies for those suffering from mental conditions/disorders such as;

Though personal directives are very specific to the needs of the individual, a few examples (specifics can be added on) are given below for better understanding;


Any harmless activity that provides a basis for forming or restructuring schemas for betterment can be termed as a Positive Diversion. Irrespective of its nature, Positive Diversions can be calming and therapeutic and hence can contribute in aiding the process of forming good schemas even after the activities have concluded.

It is commonly observed that activities related to religion, culture, social gatherings, sports, music, art and group activities can be useful in relieving stress and gaining a progressive mood. It provides inspiration to form positive directives which in due course manifests as positive schemas. A set of good schemas can collectively form good mental representations about personal identity, cognition and positive outlook towards life. Besides, the idea of forming good schemas from anything inspirational is inculcated and it can even be extended to habituate self-analysis, resolving-nature, cherishing-nature and wellbeing.

Now, let us look at some examples of directives being drawn from religious concepts (one of the Positive Diversions). Here too, the directives can be from basic to specific, depending on individual needs. They can even be borrowed from varied sources and perceived with a religious outlook for easy acceptance (as in examples 2 & 3 below);

// Group Activity Model: Positive Diversion

(Buddhism / Hinduism / Christianity / Islam)

People's faith/belief can be used positively to develop concentration and to reflect on life to cherish or resolve. It can bring solace and help in restructuring schemas. It consists of the below mentioned steps to be followed;

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