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Amudha now runs Sanmarga Foundation, where she teaches Kriya techniques to students and professionals. "Kriya means activation of mind. The technique involves activating the mind to introspect and identify one's goodness while simultaneously removing negative thoughts."

From childhood we have been "trained" to react for everything. Have we ever thought why we are happy when we gain something and we cry about losing? Our reactions are not genuine. It was how we did all these days, so we continue doing. That is the root cause for pain and depression, which can be controlled through Kriya techniques.

Kriya is not just mediation, as it never gives you peace, except for the time you meditate. Kriya involves writing process and reading process. The practitioner provides students a diary to note down everything that happens in his or her life. She also teaches some code words, so that others will not decipher what one has written.

"When you start writing and introspecting, you can experience a sea change. I am doing this in some schools and a few IT companies. On March 30, I am also starting this mind exercise for the inmates of Puzhal Prison," says Amudha, adding that it was former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who asked her to teach Kriya to children.

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