It is commonly observed that activities related to religion, culture, social gatherings, sports, music, art and group activities can be useful in relieving stress and gaining a progressive mood. It provides inspiration to form positive directives which in due course manifests as positive schemas. A set of good schemas can collectively form good mental representations about personal identity, cognition and positive outlook towards life. We organize various activities under "Positive Diversions" which aids people to cherish their life and also to resolve any unwanted thoughts/events. We elucidate the importance of a clear mind, and its qualities of non-violence, compassion and love. Besides creating awareness of these noble qualities, we work for peace and human rights of all peoples, through meditation.

// Weekly Talks with Meditation

On Sundays at 4:00 pm for an hour for weekly talks and basic guided meditation. Attending once or twice is helpful in beginning a meditation practice. We teach a simple technique, beginning with focusing the attention on the breath. The practice concentrates and calms the mind. It can give clarity to the pressures of daily life. Practitioners can get a guided audio-CD and do it at the comfort of their home.

Free. Open to all.

// Medical Camp

We have conducted various medical camps in the slum areas and at Central Prison, Puzhal, Chennai. We offer free medications and follow ups. We periodically organize medical camps with the support of Hospitals in Chennai.

// Introspective & Meditative Audio-CD Sessions

(Sundays or by appointment)

Audio-CD Sessions under the "Re-Connect" series, cater self-development and good-living for those feeling down due to disappointments, adversities, loss of loved ones or fear of death, or for those debilitated by addictive habits

Audio-CD Sessions under the "Connect-To-Consciousness" series, are for general self-development and good-living.

// Personalized Kriya Meditation & Techniques

(By appointment only)

This personalized class is ideal for those who are looking for self development, constructivism, spirituality and in general good living. It is also helpful for those in adversities. It is tailored to individual needs based on their life experiences. Please contact us for more information.

// Kriya Audio-CD Sessions: For substance abuse and addictions

Sanmarga regularly conducts rehabilitation programs for substance abuse and any other addictions such as eating disorder etc. Despite all the efforts made by families and treatment procedures, too many people relapse. Substance abuse and addictions are extremely complicated and involve more than just ending the use of a substance. We have a comprehensive method of treatment using kriyas where relapse rates are drastically reduced. For severe cases, we recommend, personal or group counseling/treatment programs. Listening to the audio CD's will help the patients to stay on track. Please contact us for more information.

// Specialized Kriya Meditation & Techniques: For students

Education and personal issues are factors intertwined in a student's life which when dealt with effectively, leads to a successful and content life. To do so efficiently, one has to dedicate their minds to identify and work towards their constructive goals only and not squander away their time and efforts in wasteful thoughts and activities. Principals of schools and colleges have commented that the kriya sessions have helped their students to transform and work better on their responsibilities.

Our course helps students to develop their knowledge based on values, and help them determine their independent ideologies and emotion-management skills (concerning personal and academic issues). At a more detailed level, our course covers various topics such as;

We also conduct classes for setting goals, self motivation, team building and enhancing leadership qualities. We offer classes in schools and also one-on-one sessions. Please contact us for more information.

// Specialized Kriya Meditation & Techniques: For prison inmates

Sanmarga regularly conducts kriya meditation for the welfare and rehabilitation of prison inmates at Central Prison, Puzhal, Chennai since 2009. "Kriya Techniques" involve application based introspection that has a lasting transformation on the practitioners

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