We work towards the wellbeing of our society. Our community and neighborhoods are safe when formerly incarcerated people are successfully rehabilitated and lead a healthy life outside prison. We also provide counseling, skills training, employment and rehabilitation for sex workers and transgender community. We also identify HIV positive cases.

// Rehabilitation of prison inmates

We assist prison inmates in their reentry to society by counseling and providing vocational training while in prison. We have been conducting "Introspective Techniques and Kriya Meditation" classes since 2009 in Central prison, Puzhal, Chennai. With out interaction with the inmates, we realized that they have ample time. They do not utilize their time efficiently. We need to keep them occupied either by providing work or engage them in basic activities. With this thought, we started vocational education for the inmates. We have trained tutors and counselors go to prison 5 days a week and conduct classes.

Those inmates who have successfully gone through our kriya programs, tend to be a positive peer influence within the prison. As a reward to their good performance, we offer financial assistance to their families and assist in their children's education. We offer reentry assistance, including support groups, information and referral. We offer regular counseling and guidance so that they don't fall into their old habits. We also have counseling for families and children.

// Rehabilitation of sex workers

We offer personal counseling sessions for the sex workers and transgenders. We also identify HIV positive cases and offer support and awareness programs. Through our rehabilitation programs, they learn to analyze and introspect their life that could lead to transformation. We teach kriya meditation and guide them towards clarity of thought. We encourage the victims to learn a skill under the rehabilitation program. We prepare the victims to be gradually rehabilitated into the society. We have successfully conducted kriya meditation classes for the victims and the staffs at the Social Defense Home in Chennai in 2010 as part of the Self Defense Program;

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