We focus on the vulnerable community and offer life skills education, counseling and employment referral to families and financial aid for their children.

// Families and children of prison inmates and victims

We provide services and support to families and individuals impacted by violence and victimization. The challenges that the family members of prison inmates and their victims face are substantial and most often overwhelming. Most often children are the innocent victims and pay the greatest penalty for their parents mistakes. The odds are greater that they may end up being a liability to society. Many experience emotional and behavioral difficulties, have poor academic performance and more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs. We offer counseling where appropriate interventions are required to help them learn coping up skills. We provide financial support for their education. We work towards empowering women and help them attain financial independence through life skills coaching and offering various vocational training programs.

// Children of sex workers

The children of sex workers fall under the high-risk group and prone to very hazardous environment. They are very vulnerable to destructive acts which can harm themselves as well as the society. These children are prone to exploitation. We started helping these children by removing them from the hazardous environment. We provide basic education, proper healthcare, a healthy environment by placing them in boarding schools and having our counselors monitor their progress. We cover their entire tuition and boarding cost including food, books and clothes.

Education can lead to economic independence as it resolves long term poverty. We give opportunities to children to improve their lives. We have sponsorship programs where you can sponsor a child either for a year or through their high school. We send periodical updates to the sponsors.

// Educational aid for underprivileged children

We provide financial support for underprivileged qualifying students. We do not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, or caste – students are selected purely on the basis of need. Many children experience various forms of violence, exploitation and abuse. They are forced to work in intolerable conditions or trafficked into sexual trade. A girl child, especially is more vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse. The poor economic condition of family household works against these children and they are denied their basic rights.

We work to create protective and supportive environments in which both girls and boys are safe from violence and exploitation by providing them an opportunity to education in a safe environment. We also conduct value based classes in corporation schools.

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