Though "Emotion-Management" is a part of 'Self-Development" which will be addressed at some point in the "Explore and Evolve" classes, it is not uncommon to find people who are quite satisfied with their personal and work life, and yet hope to have a better control over their occasional wayward emotions and responses. Emotion-Management issues are tailored individually for such people and also ideal for those who have emotional outbursts and pain themselves and others around them.

Our introspective and meditative kriyas in Emotion Management sessions cater to just that. The sessions are similar to the "Explore & Evolve " classes, but relate to good mental health as the key to living a complete and fruitful life. Emotions such as fear, anger, depression, loneliness, sadness, helplessness, etc., can debilitate our thinking process. This session helps in rehabilitating and rejuvenating stressed minds to direct themselves onto the path of constructiveness, patience and good living.

Emotion Management direct the practitioners to introspect and develop their organizational and emotion-management skills (concerning personal or official issues), specific to their needs. At a detailed level, this course deals with Stress Management, Anger Management, Time Management, Anxiety Management and Phobias (all relevant to our personal needs). Various subjects will be discussed based on the need such as self-motivation, problem solving, ego management, teamwork and leadership, relationship issues, rehabilitation for unnecessary/addictive habits, eating disorders etc.

The sessions usually involve 25-30 minutes of Kriya-audio-CD from the "Re-Connect" series for introspecting on handling various adversities like addiction, depression, bad vibes and loss of loved ones or fear of death. It is instructive in relaxing and guiding the practitioners to a constructive use of emotions or disregarding the same for manifesting betterment/contentment.

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