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Although there are various practices that enhance concentration and happiness, the results are only temporary as we repeatedly get affected by problems, wasteful negative thoughts. The "Mind" is in need of transformation for building a happy, content and successful self within each one. To do so efficiently, we have to dedicate our mind to identify and work only towards our constructive goals and not squander away our time and efforts in wasteful thoughts and activities.

Our Kriya techniques are about de-stressing and transforming the mind to introspect, and to identify and cherish our goodness while simultaneously removing or resolving any wasteful negative thoughts even under adverse situations. Such a transformation helps us to be evolved and be much stronger mentally who does not harm anyone physically, verbally and mentally. Kriya practices restores and enhances our mental health which is of prime importance in the mental realm (just as physical health is of such relevance in the physical realm). It also guides them on to live a content (thus successful) life. Over a period of time, kriyas can become the natural way of working out our issues anywhere and anytime.

Since introspection technique mainly involves in dealing with our day–to-day issues, (usually work and personal issues are the major factors intertwined in our life which when dealt with effectively, leads to a content life), we get to address both our immediate and long-term concerns and course of action in these kriya sessions, besides catering to that essential relaxation and direction that our mind needs. Hence this meditative technique is also instrumental in saving time. A practitioner can also use our guided Kriya-audio CD's (lasting about 25-30 minutes) or Kriya-diary for more guided support. The diary also helps in counseling the practitioners about their specific needs for their betterment.

For the consistently content Kriya practitioners who grew out of worldly desires over time, appropriate kriyas to realize their spiritual aspirations are also taught. Spiritual aspirations should be pursued with complete happiness and contentment.

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