Kriyas in Self Development (also known as the "Explore & Evolve" classes) leads to contentment and happiness, even as you carry out your responsibilities or pursue your legitimate goals efficiently. The Kriyas also help promote one's involvement in their own lives. These kriyas are adaptable to people from diverse walks of life such as working-people, students, aged-people, prison-inmates, people with illness etc., besides being adaptable to their individual needs and situations.

Kriyas help the practitioners to come out of cultural and social barriers besides emphasizing practicality. You learn to appreciate life and the things around you whereas the unpleasant or unwanted thoughts that cause stress are discarded. Continuous practice brings about a lasting transformation of the mind. It also teaches the practitioners to overcome dependencies and emotional agitations, and hence evolve as better beings (some even seeking spiritual living). From self-analysis and improving the quality of lives, it can also lead the practitioners to self-realization.

A Kriya-Diary is also available to assist the practitioners in their Kriya-practices. Of the 12 kriyas, the first 4 basic kriyas mentioned below are taught in the "Explore & Evolve" classes.

// The Writing technique (Ananda Kriya)

This Kriya involves writing about your short and long term goals and activities inorder to help the mind stay focused on matters of relevance and constructiveness.

It gives relief from stress and disappointments, and brings about rejuvenation which gives strength to overcome a lethargic mind and body. It also teaches us to live happily without much expectations.

// The Cherishing Technique (Niramaya Kriya)

"Niramaya" means to be disease-free. An unsatisfied life is like a disease. The lack of satisfaction can drain our strength; Because of this ultimately we may end up without making any progress in life. Niramaya Kriya helps us cherish everything and everyone around us. This will help to develop a positive attitude towards everyone and create a friendly environment around us no matter where we are. Any resentment, anger or any negative attitude will reduce remarkably. Most often the positivity created as a result of practicing Niramaya Kriya can change the negative environment around us. Even if the environment is hard to change, we can be sure that we will not be affected by it.

// The Resolving Technique (Sudhi Kriya)

The purpose of this Kriya is to avoid unwanted thoughts. It may seem impossible at first. But it is not so. It may take some time to perfect this technique Sudhi Kriya improves concentration. It will help the practitioners to channelize their thoughts to remain focused. It will help in giving importance to our ambitions and goals. It has the power to help us live every moment of our life with complete happiness and enjoyment.

// Positive Diversions to Regain Concentration (Yuva Kriya)

This kriya involves meditative breathing-practices (Pranayama) to calm the mind and improve concentration. It helps to channelize our thoughts to remain focused on our goals and constructiveness, and leads to a content and satisfied life. These basic practices can also initiate the practitioners to the path of self-realization.

The breathing-practices also help in strengthening the lungs and curing many respiratory diseases. Another wonderful aspect of the breathing-practices is that they reduce the quantum of oxygen consumption of the body, thus reducing the production of free-radicals and aiding anti-aging.

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